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What if I tell you that buying solar is another form of investment?

With solar energy system pair up with government Net Energy Metering (NEM) program you can generate your own electricity and protect yourself from incoming tariff hike. NEM mechanism is basically 1 on 1 buy back which is why you can protect yourself from future electric tariff hike. If your company is a Sdn. Bhd. or Bhd your Return of Investment will be around 2 to 4 years and if not your Return of Investment will be around 7 years which is not bad, considering you will be owning the system for lifetime as NEM program is limitless and has no tenure period this is like a once in a lifetime opportunity.

The most interesting part of investing with solar energy system under NEM program is the tax benefit. Not just one but two tax benefit you can claim for (Green Investment Tax Allowance and Capital Allowance). The amount of tax benefit you can claim can be up to 48% and within 5 years’ time. Apart from that, no maintenance needed which can save your money a lot. The solar panel itself have a 25 year of warranty. By owning to the system you can also use this opportunity to sell your excess power and use this as opportunity to generate your income.

Now invest on land propoerty is not the best choise. But it always the best option to go for solar investment. Alas with NEM program you basically own the system your lifetime. If you tired of TNB tariff price fluctuation? Be in charge of your own energy consumption. You can generate your own energy and stop making your building depending on TNB power line generation.

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