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What do you get when your company have solar energy system?

Malaysia has introduced new solar program in 2016 called Net Energy Metering (NEM). In this program when you installed renewable energy to your building energy produced from the renewable energy will be consumed first and any excess will be exported to TNB on “all on one” offset basis against 1 kWh basis. This means that every 1 kWh exported to the grid will be offset against 1 kWh consumed from the grid. Sounds promising right. Wait. There is another benefit from the government for renewable energy producer which is tax benefit.

Under NEM program you can get tax benefit up to 48% under Green Investment Tax Allowance (GITA) and Capital Allowance (CA). At this moment you don’t just save your electricity bill but as well as your tax payment. Apart from saving your pocket money you can help save mother earth when you install solar. Why solar can bring benefit to the Earth is because it helps your company to reduce carbon footprint, reduce greenhouse gases and carbon dioxide. You can help reduce water pollution as no water use during the production of electricity.

Lastly, you also help reducing land usage use for the installation of grid transmission lines. With all this you do a bunch of favour for our next generation. Finally, installing solar is the same as doing your corporate social responsibility (CSR), only that you just not giving to people but also get benefit for your company. A good CSR can also bring good brand and company image. Nowadays, going green will benefited your company as it will be a purchasing cause for customer to choose your brand among other brand.

What stopping you to get your own solar energy system? If you have anymore inquiry, you can contact us for more detail.

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