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How do we get energy from Sun?

First of all, we need solar panel to trap energy from the Sun. The solar panel consists of number of solar cells. A solar cell is made up of two thin pieces of silicon. Inside silicon, there is boron element that responsible to attract electron and it is called as p-layer due to its positive tendency. The other pieces of silicon have phosphorus added to it. The function is to give an excess of free electrons and is called as n-layer. This layer has a tendency to give up negatively charged electrons.

Figure 1: Diagram inside solar cells

When sunlight or also known as photon hits the solar cells, it strikes the energy into the silicon and the silicon will emit positive and negative charge.

Figure 2: Flow of charges inside solar cell

Then, electron charges from the solar cells are brought to combiner box where these charges are converted to direct current (DC). They change the electricity charge from solar panel into the form of electric current.

Figure 3: Combiner box

After being change into DC, the current is move to solar inverter where DC current is change into AC (alternating current). Most of the electrical appliances use AC, therefore it is important to have inverter to change the current.

Figure 4: Solar inverter

The AC current is then brought to AC combiner box. This is where all the AC current collected and distributed in the building when you switch on your electrical appliances.

Figure 5: Common Solar PV System

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