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On grid, Off grid, what is the difference???

Why going for NEM when you can install solar by yourself. Yes, it does cheaper to install solar without NEM and a lot cheaper if you can install yourself. However, before we start to assume that way, lets understand what is on-grid and off –grid.

On grid system solar PV is solar energy system that tied to the local utility’s grid. The grid acts as the battery for the energy storage if the solar system produced too low or too high of energy used in the building. The excess energy produce by the solar energy system will be transported to the grid and can be cash back by the solar energy system owners in form of cash of energy buy back. This program is called Net Energy Metering. It is cost effective as there is no need to install batteries and the system will pay for themselves by offsetting the bill between 3 to 8 years. Since there are no batteries usage here it is more efficient because as we know batteries did not store 100 % of the energy because of the equipment efficiency and it require space as batteries come in bulky size which a lot need to be considered. You also don’t have to worry of your energy storage as you also connected to grid. If your solar energy system does not generate enough power for your building consumption, you can still get energy from the grid unless if the grid is also having a power outage.

Off grid system solar PV is a system that does not depend on grid and using batteries as the energy storage. Sounds interesting to be free from the utility company and to be self-sustaining. You don’t have to use solar service provider and try diy which can be very cheap. Plus, you will be save if the grid is having power outage. However, usage of batteries has its limitation according to the batteries capacities. If your energy usage exceeds the amount the batteries stores you will lose your electricity which can be irritating. The system is also a lot more complex as it need specialized equipment to function. Nonetheless, the system works the best for people in rural area which utility grid is not covered, but not the best solution for residential to use it as they will be having more loses than benefit with off grid system.

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